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Azimut 60 (2013-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

The 60 falls roughly in the middle of Azimut's 13-model flying bridge motoryacht series that stretches from 43' to 100' (13.10 to 30.48 m). The builder's boats are constantly being updated and we think the Azimut 60 is as fresh as spring. In many respects Azimut is responsible for the remarkable success of Italian production boat building in the motoryacht market and its designs have strongly influenced the whole industry for the last 20 years.

Key Features


Length Overall 60' 2''
18.36 m
Beam 16' 3''
4.95 m
Dry Weight 28.8 t (full load)
Tested Weight N/A
Draft 4' 6''
1.37 m
- Draft Up N/A
- Draft Down N/A
- Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 15.5 deg.
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 740 gal.
2800 L
Water Capacity 166.45 gal.
630 L
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight
(Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power 2 x 800 mHP (588 kW) MAN R6
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Azimut 60
The Azimut 60 has an LOA of 60'2" (18.36 m), a hull length, including the swim platform of 58'5" (17.81 m), a beam of 16'3" (4.95 m) and draws 4'6" (1.36 m).

Mission of the Azimut 60

The 60 has all of the external and internal styling that has become a signature of the Azimut brand. The builder is giving the market what it wants because in large measure it has created the demand for a sleek, fast, modern, romantic motoryachts. Of course, her primary mission is to be an elegant entertainment venue with the ability to run down the coast at flank speed for an afternoon outing.

Azimut 60
Looking forward in the salon from the door to the aft deck. The entertainment console at right can be traded for another sofa for owners who want even more salon seating.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Azimut 60

Azimut has built its reputation on four basic characteristics: 1) cutting-edge exterior styling; 2) romantic, tasteful, au courant interior design and décor; 3) speed; 4) competitive pricing. Let's take a look at each of these points. To these four characteristics, we can now add a 5th aspect of the company which has been developed the last few years which is involves "aftermarket services."

#1. Exterior Styling

Azimut 60
View of the flying bridge and outside deck. Note the symmetrical wide side decks. Azimut is proud of the size of its flying bridge and the area abaft the arch can be used as a boat deck or lounging area or both.

Marketing is the Key.

Because Azimut's founder (Paolo Vitelli) and top management know the importance of giving the customer what is wanted, they keep their fingers on the pulse of the new motoryacht buyers.

Italian Styling.

Vitelli has always been quick to see where styling was going and has instructed his designers to stay in front of the trends. They have, bringing the same artistry and romance to motoryachts that Italian design firms such as Pininfarina have long brought to automobile coachwork. The overall "look" of the yacht is the most important element in most owners' buying decisions and the 60 is proof that Azimut has never forgotten that.

Big Windows.

Azimut was the first to design large, hull side windows. The 60 has Azimut's signature large portlights in the master stateroom, accented with retro round portlights in the hull side for other cabins. Over the years this concept has been copied by about every builder, but none do it with the boldness and originality of Azimut, in our opinion.

Azimut 60
The main deck of the Azimut 60 with the optional sofa on the starboard side of the salon. The hydraulic swim platform can also be used to hold a tender or PWC. Note the lower helm is on the centerline.

Pilothouse Motoryacht Design.

A design element that Azimut helped to popularize many years ago among the buying public used to the flushdeck motoryacht -- was the raised pilothouse. By raising the helm platform on the main deck Azimut's designers were able to accomplishing several important things at once.

Out-of-the-Box Design.

By placing the helm of the flying bridge behind the raised pilothouse overhead, the builder is able to make it about 2' lower than it would have been otherwise. By keeping the bulwarks of the flying bridge low the lines of the yacht looked far more sleek. This design also enables the 60 to get under bridges in many of the rivers and canals of Europe.

Azimut 60
The accommodations plan of the 60 can be modified according to Azimut. The crew cabin is aft and is not shown in this drawing.

Azimut Tail Fins.

The Azimut 60 proudly sports the trademark vertical "fins" on the aft end of the boat deck on the flying bridge. In this model the builder has placed mirrors on the inside which will liven things up when this deck is used for lounging or a cocktail party. They remind us a bit of the Cadillac tail fins, circa 1960, and they are distinctive on the Azimut so there is no mistaking the brand even at a distance.

The Teak Beach.

The 60 has a standard hydraulic swim platform with teak inlay. This is a major feature of the boat as most builders make this an option. In addition to being an exceptional swim platform it can also hold a tender or PWC.

Azimut 60
This is the raised pilothouse deck looking forward from the salon. By eliminating a bulkhead between the galley and the salon the boat becomes open, brighter, and appears larger.

#2. Interior Styling and Décor

Azimut has always taken advantage of the fine joiner work available in Italy. In the production motoryacht field it was one of the first companies to feature high-gloss lacquer work on its cabinets and wood panels. This immediately set Azimut yachts apart. But the company's designers have never rested on their laurels, and have now moved on to other treatments as can be seen in the 60.The yacht interior fabrics, leathers and wood seen on this page are standard, but there are dozens of options available. What we see here is the builder's cream and oak décor treatment package.

New Layout Plan.

Historically, Azimut has been careful to close off the galley in motoryachts where the galley is on the salon or helm deck, or at least provide partitions so it can be closed off. However in the new 60 Flybridge model the galley is completely open to the dinette opposite, the helm which is forward, and the salon aft. This layout plan is typical of pilothouse arrangements in this size range -- what is unusual is that Azimut has left the galley open.

Azimut 60
Looking aft from the helm. We like the rounded oak half-bulkhead separating the galley and the dinette. Note the robust stainless steel railing and the cabinets hanging from the overhead above the galley.

Rounded Corners.

We are pleased to see that Azimut interior designers have chosen to eschew the sharp, pointed corners that were prevalent just a few years ago in many of their models and in other brands as well. In the images on this page please notice the large radius' on the interior furniture, half-bulkheads and cabinets. Not only will this eliminate unsightly bruises on otherwise tanned skin, it will also make cruising more pleasant and pleasing to the nautical eye.

Oak Treatment.

Standard wood treatment on the Azimut 60 is oak which we think looks both elegant as well as slightly traditional in a contemporary way.

Azimut 60
The lower helm is located on the centerline for maximum visibility. Note the joystick to the right of the wheel and engine controls which operate a proprietary Azimut system called "Easy Docking." Azimut also has an "Easy Cruising" screen that carries diagnostic data on the boat's mechanical system.
Azimut 60
The open galley is a relatively new direction for Azimut and it has the advantage of keeping everyone in the conversation, brightens the boat and improves visibility from the lower helm.
Azimut 60
The J-shaped sofa in the Azimut 60 is huge, one of the largest in class and is ideal for entertaining. Note that all A/C vents are hidden by the valances.

Customization Encouraged.

Because Azimut has sales offices in 68 countries and its boats are bought by people in many more societies than that, it is well aware that taste is often a regional thing. Further, every owner has their own personality or idea of what their dream yacht should look like inside. For those reasons the company makes dozens of fabric, wood and leathers optional. To a large degree each yacht is hand-built so customization is part of the Azimut formula for success.

Azimut 60
The master stateroom has a double bed that is set on the diagonal. The signature large portlights both flood the cabin with light and present an exciting panorama of life on the water. Azimut pioneered the concept and we think no one does it better.
Azimut 60
Another concept that Azimut started is the romantic nook for morning coffee or cocktails at night. Azimut's new twist on a theme is to make the seat at left double-wide.
Azimut 60
Azimut carries the oak wood theme with accent panels and trim through to the master head.

The Master Stateroom.

The master stateroom is an important area of the boat and here Azimut made it exciting. First the double bed is on the diagonal which adds some drama to what otherwise could be a cookie-cutter layout. On the starboard side Azimut has placed a booth by the large window so that the owner and companion can share a morning coffee or evening drink. The forward side of the booth is double wide.

Azimut 60
The lavish use of oak paneling makes the VIP stateroom cozy. Note the soffit over the head of the bed with the hatch inset.
Azimut 60
Wide-angle lens view of the guest stateroom to starboard. This cabin shares the portside head with the forward stateroom. Azimut will modify layouts to suit customer needs when possible.

#3. Speed

Speed has always been a crucial component of the Azimut formula. Not only do its boats need to look fast, but they also have to be fast. In order to do that careful attention is paid to the boat's weight, bottom design and beam.


When we compare the Azimut 60's basic specs with four other boats in her class we see that she comes out pretty much in the middle when it comes to beam and fuel capacity. She is definitely on the light side when it comes to displacement by a few thousand pounds, and at 4'6" (1.37 m) her draft is not as deep as most others. Clearly skinny water should not be a problem as she can go most anywhere.

Azimut 60
The swim platform lowers and is standard equipment. The boat deck on the flying bridge can be fitted with a davit with a 550-lb (250 kg.) capacity.

Bottom Shape.

She has a deadrise at the transom of 15.5-degrees which is also about in the middle of what we are seeing these days. There is a definite trend away from a deep-V or even semi- deep-V in motoryachts. Builders are creating sharp entries and warped bottoms to flatter sections in the stern, and the 60 Flybridge is no exception. This basic design makes the large motoryacht ride better and more fuel efficient at the same time.We have not tested this boat and so can make no comment on her speed, handling or riding characteristics. On its website, Azimut states that the vessel has a top speed of 32 knots when powered by twin MAN 800-hp R6 engines. She has a cruising speed of 28 knots.

Azimut 60
The Azimut 60's standard power is twin MAN 800-hp R6 diesels.

#4. Pricing

Because Azimut sells its products in many different countries it is used to sharpening up its pencil for different currencies and exchange rates. Notably, Azimut management is sensitive to the economic conditions around the world and probably has the most sophisticated strategy of any production motoryacht builder to meet the challenges and opportunities each present. The company's long-term strategy is to keep its yachts competitive in the market place compared to similar boats and at the same time give good value.Depending on the options wanted, and where in the world the boat is shipped, the Azimut 60 can be priced under $2 million US.

#5. Aftermarket Services

Because Azimut has been in the boating business with its current top management for over 43 years it is well aware that ownership of a large motoryacht can be a dream come true or a pain in the neck. It also knows that some of a brand's most important features and benefits might not even be in the boat. This is an aspect of Azimut boats that set them apart from many others. To that end it has created a suite of services that are all designed to make owning an Azimut a pleasurable experience.

Ownership Program.

Few owners use their motoryachts 100% of the time. In fact many plan to use their boats in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall and then charter them out for the high-season in the summer. Some people even ship their yachts from the Med to the Caribbean so that they can be chartered and used in the Northern Hemisphere's winter time. Charter motoryachts command remarkably high prices during the months of June through August in the Med and from late December through March in the Caribbean. And they rent "triple net" which means fuel, food/booze, and dockage is all extra. Azimut has a charter service available to the owners of its yachts designed to put boats into the charter trade so that this income can help defray the normal expenses that all motoryachts this size have. In some cases the charter yacht becomes a business with other advantages as well.

Azimut 60
The hydraulic stern platform is standard on the Azimut 60, something that is unusual on any boat. It can be used to store the tender or PWC and makes a great swim platform. Both adults and kids will love sitting on it when slightly submersed.

Yacht Management.

Some owners enjoy managing the details of maintaining and managing their motoryacht, and others are too busy to give this important subject the time it requires. Still others find it is cheaper to hire a management service to keep from making mistakes and over paying for goods and services. There are many management companies around, but what could be better than one that knows where every nut and bolt is on the boat -- as well s where to find its replacement?

Azimut 60
The Azimut 60 Flybridge is designed to be handled by owner/operators. For that reason it has its own "Easy Handling" power steering system, as well as "Easy Docking", a proprietary joystick system.

Crew Recruitment.

Regular readers of know that we favor owner/operator yachts rather than one where the owner is reliant on crew for the basic movements of the boat. Most any experienced boater can get approval from virtually all insurance companies to operate a 60 yacht without a captain's license. Further, Azimut's "Easy Docking" system makes it easy for anyone to dock the 60.The Azimut 60 has a crew cabin, and that is a good place for not only a captain, if wanted, or a mate. For those wanting a captain, cook, engineer, stewardess, or just an able-bodied seaman, Azimut's "crew recruitment" program can tap into a large database of known crew.

Azimut 60
We like the 60's double-wide helm seat on the flying bridge as it allows two people to work together to navigate and pilot the boat. The wet bar and optional grill are in the console just abaft the helm.

Warranty Programs.

In addition to the standard warranty Azimut has two extended service packages that cover the boat up to 36 months after delivery as well as a five-year program on the hull structure. Azimut dealers can explain what is covered and for how long and have the fine print available to read.

Courtesy Yachts.

There is nothing more aggravating than having one's dream yacht tied up in a boat yard for a major repair in the prime boating season. In this dreaded circumstance Azimut has a happy solution: during the summer it has yachts available in the Med that can be used by Azimut owners who are waiting for repairs. We can think of nothing we'd rather do while our yacht was being worked on in the States, than fly to the Med for a few weeks of cruising.

Azimut 60
The Azimut 60 is long and low and will meet most people's needs for an attractive entertainment platform and cruising boat.


Azimut stands out as one of a handful of builders of large production motoryachts to have been able to successfully navigate a difficult last four years in the marine business. This speaks to the prudence and business acumen of Azimut management and the fact that it has been continuously in business for 43 years.The key to happy large yacht ownership is knowing what the mission of the vessel will be and then finding the right boat to fit that task. For example in the case of the Azimut 60, her standard 3-stateroom/2-head layout is fine in our opinion for a family. It even works for two couples cruising together, and it certainly works as an entertaining platform for day trips and even day cruises with a crowd aboard. That is the strength of this boat, in addition to one more thing…the pride of ownership.

Standard and Optional Features


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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